About Us

about-zela-logoZest Entrepreneurship and Leadership Academy provides the skills and knowledge that are central to enabling young people to become national leaders, job creators and economic drivers of the future.

Our academy equips youths with desirable vocational skills and management knowledge to enable them start, run and grow a viable business that contributes to employment and the economic development of Africa. This programme is a hybrid; it provides core subjects such as mathematics and English to help our students academically, and vocational skills alongside entrepreneurial-leadership focused classes.

Zest Entrepreneurship and Leadership After-school programme also teaches high school students and young school leavers how to start and run businesses as student entrepreneurs and prepares them to pursue a business related degree in college or university, and to expose them to the new realities of our global economy.

ZELA seeks to transform Africa by identifying and developing the next generation of leaders. Our programmes will help our students make significant strides in both their understandings of business and their capacities to effectively lead and communicate as visionaries with abilities to speak in public.

We create an engaging, experiential curriculum with virtual and physical digital resources and tools that provide academic, business and life skills; an excellent instrument to unify the business and educational communities, and to commit more African youths to make jobs, not just take jobs.

Our vision is to be a leader in establishing innovative, experiential entrepreneurship and leadership training for the African youths. To partner with like-minded organizations to effectively deliver entrepreneurship and leadership education to young people across the continent.

Our innovative pedagogical methodologies grounded on experiential learning deploys interactive digital visual and audio instruction for vocational skill acquisition and in-class i-practice, mobile classes, mentorship, internship, workplace visits, collaboration, and networking with entrepreneurs and investors, to give understanding of how to relate their subjects to the world in practical ways.

The goal of all our programmes is for each student to successfully launch their own commercial or social enterprises and reduce unemployment in Africa.