There are about 30 million out-of-school children in sub-Saharan Africa and approximately 10.5 million in Nigeria only, we have chosen Nigeria to be the bedrock of our academy of 2 yearlong entrepreneurial cum academic course that transforms out-of-school disadvantaged youths into real, confident entrepreneurs.

Zest Entrepreneurship and Leadership Academy is not only a wonderful tool to teach youths from disadvantaged communities about business, but also a great way to build confidence, leadership and values in youths that would have otherwise been unproductive and hopeless.

The academy runs a two year vocational cum entrepreneurial programme for students to identify and develop their entrepreneurial characteristics of innovation, leadership, and creativity.

Our core curriculum of personalized and group studies ranges in business management, marketing, mathematics, personal management, English, elementary sciences, business plan development, computer literacy skills and finance.

Students receive vocational skills such as cosmetology, fashion arts, hair care, horticulture, furniture, photography, etc., and are taken through brain storming sessions to identify a unique business opportunity within the acquired skills, conduct market research, pitch their plans to a panel of investors, and actually launch and run their own real, legal, fully formed companies and social initiatives. Complete with dynamic mentoring and exciting behind-the-scenes trips to local companies, our approach empowers students to collaborate and take charge of their futures in a profound way.

Students participate in skill acquisition and complete a package of compulsory and elective credits in entrepreneurship, leadership, computer and basic education. Upon completion of the academy, students will have the foundation to effectively create their own business and/or successfully function as an intrapreneur within an organization.

Upon graduation, students receive knowledge, skills, a certificate, a designation on their transcript, and start-up funds.

After School Program

Unemployment rate in Africa stands at 46.2% and poses complex economic and social issues. We believe traditional schooling, while very important, is no longer enough. Enabling young people to become job creators can play a critical role in tackling unemployment.

Zest Entrepreneurship and Leadership After-school programme is a dynamic one-year program that enhances high school students, undergraduates and fresh graduates. The after-school programme provides students with the knowledge, skills and experience to springboard their own entrepreneurial visions through coursework and relevant experience in local business ventures.

Our after-school coaching programme is designed to prepare teenagers to pursue a business related degree in college or university, and to expose undergraduate youths to the new realities of our global economy.

Throughout the class, students learn to develop business ideas, write business plans, basics of management and leadership and get feedback to start up their social and commercial enterprises.