Ours is a blended model of disruptive learning system with digital contents that combines the complementary way to enhance student engagement with the flexibility and convenience of mobile courses.

Virtual Courses

Our academic contents on literacy, numeracy and business skills via mobile lectures uses text-based/multi-media presentations including audio, video, graphics and illustrations.

Our academic class covers fundamental knowledge of functional numeracy on basic arithmetic, geometry, figure analysis and calculating areas; literacy skills in parts of speech, grammar, punctuations, phonetics and writing skills in order sharpen students’ analytic, presentation and communication skills. There will be basics in elementary science, history and social studies. Business classes develop core capabilities of idea generation from the customer driven marketplaces’ perspective, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition, and feasibility assessment, construction of business model, advertisement, research and innovation, customer service, human resource, technology and finance with the practice of simulation projects in running an enterprise.

In Class Courses

Our vocational curricula are in-class and focus on developing a particular skillset and knowledge base for students’ career. We believe improved student engagement is achieved by focusing on in-class interaction to promote active and collaborative learning, activities to integrate and apply learning.

Our unique framework utilizes practical acquisition of skills and knowledge through i-content and digital training, interactivity & assessment. Vocational skills in fashion arts, carpentry, photography, horticulture, hair styling, interior designing, electronics technicians, plumbing, crafts and the likes are certification programmes to help students with direct entry into a specialized field and career achievement. 

Students after taking courses of grounded experiential learning take a compulsory paid internship on the academy’s enterprises that provides them with valuable learning experience and ultimately help them raise funds to start their businesses.